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Saturn-Pluto conjunction is not easy to grasp. Pluto is hidden and deeply underground. Saturn relates to time, structure, limits and therefore matter. Saturn is not neccesarily heavy and rigid, it can be as beautiful as the music of Bach. When combined with Pluto, Saturn energies become super-dense. The filtering aspect of Saturn becomes even more demanding and discerning. This is the time when anything false is likely to get forcefully deconstructed. Pluto resonates with all things absolute, either absolute light or absolute darkness. Saturn-Pluto conjunction presents an active challenge to all structures that have been erected during the period that began at the previous conjunction.

Saturn-Pluto tests everything for strength and resilience.

Years of the Rabbit

This period overlaps with a short but severe recession that hit the US between July and ended in November In fact, that date nicely matches with October 24 that marked the beginning of Saturn-Pluto conjunction. The prime interest rate skyrocketed to For comparison, as of December , the rate is 5. The peak of the recession happened during November — December — notice that it also neatly overlaps with exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction on November 8, The unemployment rate reached Even after the recession had been officially reversed, the longer term unemployment rates continued to batter the US and the UK economies.

The previous conjunction unfolded through Libra and moved into Scorpio, traditionally ruled by Pluto.

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The fact that Saturn and Pluto are not only conjunct but also parallel with a 0. Remember, parallels act as mini-conjunctions, contra-parallels act as a mini-oppositions. On Jan 12, , Saturn and Pluto will be at visual distance of less that your thumb as seen when an arm is outstretched towards the sky. If a shakeup will happen though, one may intuit that having both planets in the Saturnian sign of Capricorn could result in a breakup at the level of structures. The economical situation obviously comes to mind as a possible candidate to be tested by this conjunction.

We all know that while unemployment is reportedly low at least on paper and the economy growth numbers are generally very good:. The recent instability of the stock market is one of the ongoing symptoms of deeper systemic problems that the society will have to tackle in order to evolve. Saturn is the ruler of systems, by the way. This article essentially raises the question of probability of an event that is dependent on the previous actions of humans that either exaggerate or mitigate the risks.

Read on…. Learn how to discover the timing of Saturn — Pluto conjunction using the Chart Event Explorer tool that is an integral part of Time Nomad astrological app. Chart Event Explorer allows to instantly reveal and explore nearly any astrological event:. My response from reading Time Nomad Blog and announcement gets even more awesome with each new post! Thank you for publishing a truly great read with incredible insight.

With recent unintentional deletion of unique celestial identities saved, fascinating features available amaze me and encorage me to start over! Thank you for this app and the blog. A genuine thank you! Hey there, I would like to discuss with you the repeating 60 numbers from the Fibonacci sequence which defines the zodiac. Must take he last digit of each sequential number i.

It then repeats exactly. Claudio this is so intriguing what you wrote. How did you start to study Fibonacci numbers?

Donald Trump First Term Astrology Predictions : G Singh

And has studying the numbers and sequence assisted you somehow in your life? Just wondering. Hi Janel, It is very intriguing. Further from there I see so much more. Once realizing the golden ratio is a part of everything, I can now witness and predict with some degree of accuracy weather both external and internal. Golden ratio aspects in astrology are more important than western astrology realizes. The quintile and bi-quintile are considered minor aspects which in fact are golden. Venus and Eris are key as they are fundamentally golden with the 3 golden triangle making the penta star.

This is the DaVinci code… Peace and Cheers. I see the number 3 as being very important. All these numbers numerological divisible by three. All important numbers in my life including birthdate reduce to 3. Worked in architecture so golden triangle fascinates as does Venus star pattern. Thank you for the reminder. Just have to be aware. Peace and Cheers! I see 13, 33, all the time. Everyday theses numbers show themselves to me. I was born October 13, at in the morning. What does this mean?

Is a higher power using numbers to communicate with us? These are angel numbers, the more you are in tune with them the more you will see. It gets better, animals, insects will also who you the way. I use the following. The next U. Presidential inauguration is January 20th, This will be interesting. Exciting time for the world and for me personally I suppose. With Mercury in 24, Sun in 27 and Moon in 28 degree Capricorn. Plus, ASC in 5 degree Aquarius. A bit nervous but also excited. What planet is that? Good point, thank you, have mistaken the federal funds rate 2. Correction made.

Saturn Pluto in libra conjuncts my MC and Saturn is my chart ruler. Do you think I will have a constant issue with career and authority figures. Saturn is ruler of first house and pluto of 11th in my chart. Problems with authority mostly come from Uranus. Progress in career will require some faster moving planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars that always benefit from help of Jupiter. Saturn may get one stuck in a certain configuration for longer than needed.

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Pluto brings implosions and the need for transformation. Saturn-Pluto is a really good topic for a blog post and I may write one. In regards to your chart, look for aspects. The question is what is your Pluto is aspected with. That will give you some ideas as to how the energies will flow.

Hard to tell more without seeing the whole chart. The wealth of information, inspiration, and magic that occur are David's weekend workshops are extraordinary. In this weekend workshop we are going to learn how we can find planetary patterns in the birth chart that give people special talents, motivations, or problems. Astrology is not limited to analyzing the personality and the psychology of a person. We can also see what a person's most important talents are, and we discover these talents in planetary patterns.

David's wealth of experience from having interviewed many thousands of people in the 's, his extraordinary wealth of knowledge in almost every area of astrology, and his ability to explain ideas in a way that everyone understands are just the beginning of what makes his weekend seminars so exciting. He then picks out a few charts from attendees and shows how the ideas work in their charts. Seeing the ideas applied live and how we get to the heart of issues for a person helps you to gain confidence that you can also apply these ideas in your astrological work.

In the past few years David's youtube tutorial videos are experiencing exponential growth in popularity. Perhaps you have watched some of these videos and you want to learn more. The videos are great but experiencing these ideas live and sharing them with others accelerates your learning to a new level. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a full-time very successful and well-known professional, you will benefit by attending.

Some of the world's most respected astrologers attend David's workshops and find them very helpful. David has a rare combination of genius, humility, sincerity, and dedication that makes his seminars a special event. And as David often likes to say, it is you. He always gives the greatest credit to the attendees and it is indeed true that the attendees bring their special gifts, talents, experiences, good will, and love to a gathering where we all work together to improve our understanding and to become better able to serve others.

Location will be announced later. An introduction to Interpreting Planetary Patterns: We learn what it is about and it is used in Vibrational Astrology, how to create it, what a vibrational astrology is about, and how to create. Saturday Afternoon: We learn how to use software features to quickly identify the most important planetary patterns and how to focus on the most important issues for our clients.

Sirius superb astrology software is the official astrology software used in David's Workshop. David is the author of the Sirius program. On Sunday we apply what we learned on Saturday. We look at the birth charts of a few attendees and we see how Vibrational Astrology identifies the most important talents, issues, concerns, problems, and motivations of people.

Will 12222 be the year of Saturn-Pluto conjunction?

By seeing live demonstrations of interpretation the ideas come alive and we experience Vibrational Astrology rather than just learn about it. By the end of the workshop you are likely to feel confident hat you can begin to use ideas in Vibrational Astrology analysis of charts in the future. Click on the "Add to Cart" button below to register. Send us an e-mail to avalon avalonastrology. Scholarships and Assistance: If you have a passion to attend but are financially unable to do so, let us know about your circumstances.

There is a scholarship fund available that might be able to help you. Keep in mind that everyone involved works hard and many make some sacrifices to make these workshops available and scholarship money is limited and only for those who have a great need for it. It has been several years since he has given a weekend workshop, and he will start giving them again. We hope that many of the "oldtimers" who attended regularly years ago return again as well as new people.

In this weekend workshop we are going to learn how the composite chart is much more than just a chart of midpoints. We will discover a hidden world of sacred geometry that is the basis for the composite chart and we will learn how you can see the bonds that bring people together. Over the past two years we have been improving the installation and operation of Matrix programs so that they are far more bug free and stable than ever before. Kepler 8. We have added dozens of new features that previously were only in Sirius to Kepler. Sirius 2. Also, Sirus 2. Step into the future with the world's most comprehensive and elegant astrology software: Sirius 2.

David Cochrane will begin giving an online monthly seminar and the first one is on September This is an opportunity to learn about David's breakthrough discoveries in astrology, new insights, and to get simple and clear explanations of ideas that you are curious about. We have received some excellent feedback and several questions in response to the newsletter. Some of you may have similar questions so we have written this addendum to the newsletter that helps clarify some of these points. Some of you asked what the long-range goals are. Won't it be expensive to maintain two lines of software?

Will WinStar eventually be "swallowed up" by Kepler and Sirius? Click here to read the complete PDF Newsletter As you probably have heard by now Matrix Software was recently purchased and merged into Cosmic Patterns Software. This happened on July This email is to inform you of what our plans are for Matrix Software. Two giants of astrological software development, Cosmic Patterns Software and Matrix Software are in the process of merging into one company.

The sale continues! Many of our customers also requested that we extend the sale on upgrade prices to Sirius. Please see details below. Big News! Free tutorials on Sirius software are now available. In just a few weeks we uploaded 11 videos. Each video is about a half hour in length. Over the coming months we are hoping to find time to upload dozens more of these videos. This is enormously important and exciting because Kepler and Sirius are fabulously easy to use and are enormously powerful and flexible, but you may be using only a small fraction of the power of the programs.

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First of all, Happy Summer to All of you! Listed below are new features of Sirius 1.

We have added 5 additional ones. The emphasis of this seminar is direct and practical. After listening to this seminar DVD, you should feel confident that you can use what you have learned to better understand the motivations and talents of natal charts that you interpret. You can also use the handouts provided to refresh your memory and guide you. The handouts provide a detailed and clear set of principles and procedures to follow using this system of interpretation.

We do not sell our customers' database so your record is safe. Our record is accessed by our inhouse employees and are not accessable anywhere but in our physical facility.

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    Matrix Software Newsletters We send out our Newsletter about once a year. July 01, We are inviting everyone to attend our second Vibrational Astrology Conference on March ,